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User-friendly, reliable equipment used in laboratories, at universities and in other research facilities. Radwag has prepared professional analytical scales offering amazing weighing characteristics, including high precision, repeatability and measurement rate. Choose from X2 and R series and pick the equipment you need.

ul. 19599 NE 10th Ave. , 33179 North Miami Beach ,
13 056 513 522


Light up the night and attract the attention of a number of consumers who can quickly become customers of your company. Check WARMAX’s offer of neon signs - a solution known and effectively used for years, but still characterised by great effectiveness in advertising and promotion. See the available options!

ul. Uxendon hill 66 , HA9 9SL London ,
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Varicose veins treatment

Removed quite often for cosmetic reasons, they might also cause discomfort or even pain. Top-Medics Poland can conduct advanced varicose veins treatment, including EVLT (with the use of laser) or EVRF (radio frequency). Their efficiency is over 90% and each of them is used for patients with different type of problems.

Top-Medics Poland
Płocka 4/112 , 02-231 Warszawa ,
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Host a party, unwind, relax or get your business done in the most elegant, luxurious interiors of Don Prestige Residence. As one of the best Poznan hotels, it offers you the most comfortable conditions whatever is the goal of your visit in Poland and in the city. Moreover, its central location gives you a perfect opportunity to explore the city!

Don Prestige Residence
ul. Św. Marcin 2 , 61-803 Poznan ,
woj. wielkopolskie
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The construction sector for years have been looking for the best, meaning easy to apply and durable, material for soil reinforcement. Pietrucha company offers modern GeoGrids with integrated nodes which became a revolution in the area of civil engineering. Feel free to visit our web page and find out more about soil reinforcement using GeoGrids.

Przemysłowa 10 , 98-235 Błaszki ,
438 292 051

Aventail (triangular rivets)

Make sure your costume for the next reenactment is created according to the "dark ages" specifications. Check the website with a wide variety of medieval clothing and armament. You can find there, for instance aventail with triangular rivets, chain mails, diverse protectors along with dresses under garments, headwear and more.

www.barbara-luijckx.co.uk | Chocolate cups

Creativity at its best in the area of confectionery works of art. Visit Barbara Luijckx website to see a complete offer of chocolate cups, mignons, truffle shells and other shapes and types. The decorations are perfect for even the most extravagant desserts and cakes. The website includes as well examples and ideas of confectionery projects.

Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40 , 88-100 Inowrocław ,
523 580 700

Silicone sheeting

Manufactured by respectable, European company based in England, the silicone sheeting, sponge and profiles are of the best possible quality. EMPRA distributes a complete range of the product compliant with strict international regulations and standards. They are resistant to high and low temperatures, do not oxidize or react badly with ultraviolet light.

Pułtuska 109A , 06-120 Winnica ,
224 863 209

dressta.com: Pipelayer

Safe, secure, extremely durable and equipped with built-in damage prevention. Each pipelayer manufactured by Dressta is a proven, reliable machine tested by numerous construction companies. Thanks to special counterweight design and amazing stability, they offer great efficiency and comfort of work in virtually any conditions.

Chocolate curls

Get creative with these amazing edible decorations, designed and created for confectionery masters expecting nothing but the best. The Belgian chocolate curls provide you with amazing freedom in creating desserts, cakes and other confectionery compositions. Pick from dark, white milk and milk-white shavings.

Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40 , 88-100 Inowrocław ,
523 580 700


Choose the best professional to capture your happiness and love during one of the most important day in life of bride and groom. Tomasz S. offers wedding photography in Richmond Hill. The website presents the pictures from his other projects - check them out and see how amazing they can be! Contact him for more details.

Baby cots - Baby Accessories UK

Complete sets for the most demanding parents - now available online at great price. Visit the website and choose from a great variety of colours, sizes and types of baby cots. They are all made from safe and solid at the same time materials to provide your child with the best conditions to grow and rest.

Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82 , 76-200 Słupsk ,
889 320 905


For power sector, from one of the best manufacturers currently operating on the market. ZPUE is an experienced company, constantly investing in innovations in order to create even better electrical switchgears. The offer is directed at energy companies, HV substations, power plants and other facilities.

Jędrzejowska 79c , 29-100 Włoszczowa ,
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Dysphagia products | PJ Therapeutic

If you or somebody close to you has to tackle swallowing disorder, the solutions available in the offer of PJ Therapeutic online store will definitely interest you. The dysphagia products were designed and manufactured by leading brands (including TALK TOOLS or IOPI Medical). Cups, spoons, straws and other products are available in several versions.

PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5 , 43-600 Jaworzno ,
797 171 989


More than 25 years of experience in the area of industrial engineering and technological installations. If you are looking for reliable pressure tanks and non-pressurized vessels and a number of other solutions for your company, visit the website and contact Niwa experts. They have been cooperating with chemical, energy, food, environmental protection industry and others.

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
Robotnicza 38 , 39-100 Ropczyce ,
172 218 423

Modern CCTV security devices

To create a reliable, quality installation you no longer need to use cable solutions. Modern CCTV security systems can be entirely based on wireless senders and receivers. CAMSAT company has developed a wide range of products, which are used to work on various ranges and in different buildings or outside.

Ogrodowa 2a , 86-050 Solec Kujawski ,
523 871 097

Phone cases

Join the group of creative enthusiasts who design their own smartphone housing! You just have to visit Telart's website, pick the picture you enjoy, add a motto if needed and voila! Your personalised phone case is ready. You can also pick one of the available templates to make your mobile device protected in an original style.

Brajan Paweł Derewońko
41 challis lane , CM7 1 AL BRAINTREE ,
999 999 999

Polish plastic bag manufacturers

One of the most experienced companies in the industry, with extremely wide range of products, can prepare sinus, ecological, soft-loop, thermobags and other projects. FROGUT belongs to the leading plastic bag manufacturers. The company uses HDPE, LDPE and MDPE film during the production process and employs modern technological achievements to improve the strength and durability of final product.

Drużynowa 8 , 02-590 Warszawa ,
225 417 000

novofloor-novol.com - Running track surface

On the basis of years of experience the company managed to develop elastic, resistant and aesthetic running track surface. Novol solutions are one of the most advanced of such type and provide the best conditions for every athlete during training as well as competitions on the highest international level.